Brand Type Size Reason
Banana Republic Factory Top PXS Not PXXS because sleeves are too short for me. PXS is almost too short too but regular XS is WAY too long for me to like
Bottom 00P Can fit 00P and still have room (surprisingly). 0P kind of baggy.
Outerwear PXS Same with top. Sleeves too short on PXXS so need PXS. This also in turns means looser at the waist for both.
Express Dress PXS PXXS was too short at the torso
Top PXS Probably can do PXXS, but haven’t tried it yet
H&M Top 4
Bottom 4
Lingerie 6
Asos (Regular) Top
Dress 0
Shoes 6 Regular 6 (not wide-width)
Asos (Petite) Clothes 2 For some reason, the torso looks weird on me so I’ll usually default back to ASOS Regular.
Jeans 25
River Island (Petite) Jeans 4
Shoes 6 Regular 6 (not wide-width)
Nike Shoes 6