Gray Coat & Red Booties


Mango Belted Wool Coat (XXS) • H&M Sweater (XS) Similar Here or HereASOS Petite Jeans (W25L28) • Steve Madden Booties -On Sale! (6.5 US) • Old Mango Shoulder Bag Similar Here

When I first started out at my job, I used to have to get dressed up and present at client or city meetings all the time. Nowadays, I’m in a different position so I don’t have to dress up as much, but I look forward to the times I do. I’ve never really worked in a place that had a strict dress code and it makes me wonder if I can ever do a power-suit kind of job. I mean, if I had the wardrobe like the actresses on Suits (especially Jessica Pearson), I would definitely do it.

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Black Wool Coat & Burgundy Purse // Whistler, B.C.


Mango Wool Coat (XXS) • ASOS Petite Mini Knitted Dress (Sz 0) • F21 Classic Leggings (S) • Steve Madden Booties (6.5) or HereSUGARFIX Drop EarringsMango Metallic Handle Bag or Similar HereZara Scarf

Hello Readers! I cannot tell you how happy I am that it’s the weekend. It was probably the first time in months that I actually got to sleep in. I also mostly needed it because I’m still sick so I’m trying to recover as fast as possible. It seems like my whole office is getting sick as well so make sure everyone out there take care of yourselves!

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Faux Fur Coat & Black Booties // Whistler, BC


BB Dakota Faux Fur Coat (XS) or Here • Old F21 Turtleneck Similar HereF21 Classic Leggings (S) • Steve Madden Booties or Here (6.5) • YSL Small Monogram Chain Wallet

Hi Everyone! Just flew back into LA yesterday and I have to say that it’s downright cold here. This is a drastic change coming from Singapore where it’s been hot and humid. Unfortunately, when the weather changes too suddenly, my body can’t seem to adjust fast enough so now I’m sick. But the good news is that it’s actually cold enough for a proper winter faux fur coat!

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Romantic Lace and Lavender


Forever 21 Bodysuit (S) or Similar HereLavish Alice Skirt (On Sale!- UK 6) • ASOS Hang Time Heels (Sz 6) or Similar Here (too narrow for me but could work for someone else)

Sorry I haven’t written for awhile! Flying to Singapore took a lot more out of me than I thought. It’s my 3rd day here and I’m finally feeling pretty adjusted. Before I left, I checked the weather forecast and it said that it would be mostly rain and thunderstorms the whole time we were here, which kind of sucks since it lands right on my birthday. Yesterday, we actually got to see some sun and ran outside to take pictures as fast as we could. Unfortunately, we forgot one little thing… sunscreen! To say the least, both my boyfriend and I got burnt like lobsters. I foresee some aloe vera in our near future.

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White Faux Fur Coat & Black Skort


Mango Faux Fur Coat (XXS-XS) • AQUA Skort (XS) • Steve Madden Booties (6.5) • V-Neck Tee (S) • Leggs StockingsQuay Sunglasses

I have to say that I’m completely exhausted from all the traveling the past month. I’ve literally have been gone the last three weekends on different snowboarding trips. Today was the first Saturday in probably five months that I’ve spent the whole day in my apartment. Sadly, all I did was chores. It needed to be done though because I’ll be leaving to Singapore in a couple of days! I have a lot planned and I can’t wait to share my travel tips with all of you. If you want to follow my journey in real time, make sure to follow me on Instagram.

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