Custom At-Home Teeth Whitening + Sweepstakes Giveaway


If you had the chance to read my review of Rodan + Field’s Lash Boost, you might have remembered reading that I’m really bad at keeping up a routine or remembering to do something on a daily basis. Usually I forget or I’m just plain too lazy to do it. I even mention something about teeth whitening too. Well, here we are today and I’m knee deep in teeth-whitening land with Smile Brilliant.

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Does Rodan + Fields Lash Boost Really Work?


So for the longest time, I’ve always wanted long beautiful natural eyelashes. I was unfortunately cursed with having short stubby lashes that you could barely see. I would try everything from serums, oils, vitamins, etc. just hoping to get a little growth out of them. In the end, I literally gave up since nothing worked. I decided to invest my money instead towards fake eyelashes and lash extensions. At least these thing were guaranteed.

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