Hello everyone! It is nice to virtually e-meet you. My name is May and I currently reside in the City of Los Angeles. I am a SoCal born native and I have always had this secret love for fashion. It’s been a dream of mine to start a blog and introduce people to amazing pieces that I find. This is especially true since I’m only 5′-2″ and finding clothes that fit me right is always a mission. So, I thought if I can help anybody else and ease the stress of shopping, then doing this blog is totally worth it!

My other two loves happen to be traveling and eating. I know it sounds pretty typical, but I sincerely mean it! I have been backpacking around the world since I graduated college and have visited over 50 countries (and counting). My top three favorite cities have to be Tokyo, Paris, and Buenos Aires. If I had to pick a runner-up, it would definitely be Interlaken. I can’t wait to share all my travel stories with you and hopefully inspire some of you to travel more and go out and see the world.

Along with fashion and traveling, I LOVE food! Eating or cooking it. At one point in my life, I wanted to become a chef, but my parents quickly dismissed that idea. So, secretly, I decided to enrolled myself in a couple of classes at the local community college’s culinary program and did a summer abroad in Italy. Those days were some of the best times in my life. Even though I’m not a chef today,  I actually get to work in the hospitality industry designing restaurants and bars for clients.