White Floral Lace Blouse // Lake Elsinore, CA


H&M White Floral Lace Blouse (Sz 0) • Forever 21 Camisole (S) • Old H&M Denim Shorts Similar Here (Sz 2) • A New Day Boater HatWhite All Star Converse (6.5) • Chanel Flower and Ribbon

When I first saw this white floral lace blouse, it instantly reminded me of Chanel for some reason. I’m not totally sure why, but regardless, I thought it was too pretty to pass up. Also, can it be any more freakin’ perfect for springtime?

You know those Chanel flowers and ribbons you get on their packaging when you buy something at their store? I’ve always thought that they were too pretty to throw away and always wanted to re-purpose them in some way. Wouldn’t the ribbon look good as a headband or the flower be turned into a nice brooch? In this case, I thought it would be fun to combine the two and wear it as a sort of necktie for the blouse. Making it was super easy and anyone with the same items can do it in less than five minutes. I literally just cut the ribbon to the length I wanted and used a safety pin to the flower onto the ribbon. Voila!

So with my new “Chanel” blouse on, where is a girl supposed to go? Well, we decided to visit the instafamous poppy fields in Lake Elsinore of course. When we went, we actually had no idea how crazy it was going to be. I think the traffic getting there was the worse part. Once we were in, we had a lot of fun looking around and taking pictures of the poppies. If you’re interested on seeing the poppies for yourselves, make sure you check out my guide here.

The white floral lace blouse was a perfect contrast to all the poppies. Since the material was mostly lace, it felt nice to have the breeze flow through the top. It was so hot that day! With that being said, I did wear a tan camisole underneath since it was practically see-through. Also, the sleeves of the blouse were too long, but I just folded them over. Regardless, I definitely see myself wearing this throughout the spring and summer months!

Disclaimer: No poppies were hurt in any of these photos. We stayed on the main trail or in an open patch of dirt. Anyone reading this should adhere to the same guidelines. I saw numerous tourists, kids, and pets trample through the fields and it pains me to see nature get destroyed over a picture. Please say something so future visitors can enjoy. Lastly, it is illegal to pick any poppies on state land. I saw some girl make a full blown flower crown :/










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