Black Knit Sweater Dress // Downtown Los Angeles, CA


Black Knit Sweater Dress (XS) Sold Out but Similar Here or HereStuart Weitzman Hiline OTK Boots (6) • Chanel Double C Brooch Similar HereYSL Wallet on Chain

During the winter months, if I want to get dressed up for a night out, I tend to lean toward comfy sweater dresses. It keeps you warm and is fashionable enough for a night out. I have probably at least three black sweater dresses in my closet the one I am wearing is my newest one. It actually is supposed to be a long tunic top, but it looked long enough in the picture that I thought it could be a dress for a petite person. Luckily, I was right! In itself, the dress is super plain so you have to dress it up with the accessories.

This is the first photoshoot that we used a wide-angle lens for some of the shots. We were in Downtown LA and wanted to get all the pretty buildings in our photos. It was getting pretty dark by the time we finished so I had to stand very still. Otherwise, I’m really happy with how the pictures came out. I definitely want to try to do more shoots with this lens so be on the lookout.

Hopefully, the week will go by quickly since it’s my birthday this coming Saturday! Going to be celebrating in Lake Tahoe with a couple of close friends for a weekend of snowboarding. As always, you can follow me on my adventures on Instagram. There should be some good birthday shenanigans.









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