Tweed Blazer and Flutter Shorts


AQUA Tweed Blazer (XS) or Similar Here • About Us Flutter Shorts (XS) • F21 Basic Black T-Shirt (XS) • Stuart Weitzman Hiline OTK Boots (6) • Gucci Marmont Purse (Small)


Valentine’s Day is getting closer and closer and you’re probably wondering what to wear, right? Instead of the little black dress, why not opt for little black shorts? I found these cute flutter shorts that actually look like a mini skirt. Pair it with a fun sparkly tweed blazer and some over-the-boots, and you have yourself a classy, but sexy outfit.

Oh… a little review about the shorts. I actually got the shorts in a size XXS initially, but they were actually too small! I have noticed that the About Us brand tends to go super tiny, which is great for the super petite out there. In the end, I traded it for the XS, but after wearing it a couple times now, I think a S would have been better. The XS is fine when standing up, but it rides up once I sit down.


If anyone is wondering if I finished unpacking yet, the answer would be no. I feel like I’ve gotten rid of so many things, yet I still don’t have enough room to put everything that I do want to keep. Anyone else have this problem? Looks like I have to shrink down a lot more than I thought I would. Either way, it feels good to do a big purge. Marie Kondo is starting to become my spirit animal.

Besides the upcoming Valentine’s Day festivities, my birthday happens to be right around the corner. Doing the usual snowboarding trip this year with a couple of close friends. It’s hard to have other options when your birthday is right in the middle of winter. I think I’m going to start alternating years on doing a snow trip and a tropical trip. I had so much fun last year in Singapore and I want to experience something like that again!












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