Shiny Pleated Maxi Skirt with Slit // Santa Barbara, CA


Winter whites is one of my favorite styles to wear during January. It feels clean and refreshing after a month full of red and green colors. This shiny pleated maxi skirt by A.L.C. is making its way to the top of my list for favorite skirt ever. I’ve already worn it three times! It has a beautiful shimmery champagne color to it and has a modest knee-length slit. My only little problem is that it’s supposed to be a midi skirt, but since I’m 5’2”, it reaches right at the ankles for me.

Also, how is everyone’s new years starting off? Mine has started off a little rough. I got word last week that a really dear friend of mine passed away from cancer. His wife messaged me while I was Austin over the holidays that he took a turn for the worst. He didn’t let anyone really know that he was battling cancer so it was a total surprise to me. We were the type of friends that wouldn’t talk for years, but the moment we saw each other again, we could talk for days. I told her that of course I wanted to see him and if last Thursday was okay once I got back into town. Unfortunately, he passed away the day before I got to see him.

I’m not writing this to bring anyone down or anything. I just wanted to share my story to help remind readers out there of how short life is. He was one of my closest friends and heavily influenced my life. He was one of the funniest people and greatest story teller that I have had the pleasure of knowing. I wish I could have told him that in person. If you have a person like that in your life that you haven’t talked to in a while, reach out to them and see how they’re doing. You never know what few opportunities you might have left!

This post is dedicated in loving memory to my dear friend Joe Correia




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