Red Ombré Sweater Dress and Slouchy Boots


Lovers + Friends Red Ombre Sweater Dress (XXS) • Express Slouchy Boots (Sz 6) • Old BP Black Handbag Similar Here

Since Christmas is soon approaching, I wanted to feature this beautiful red ombre sweater dress. It’s perfect to wear for holiday parties or just to casually go out in. The ombre is probably my favorite part of the dress. To be honest, I love anything ombre. My hair, my clothes, my nails. The list goes on!

Btw, I can’t even tell you how happy I am that it’s finally Friday! My firm is actually giving us Monday and Tuesday off so it’s going to be my first 4-day weekend since I started my new job. Therefore, my boyfriend and I are taking the opportunity to get out of town and go snowboarding. What are everyone else’s holiday plans. Are you planning to travel? Maybe stay in town?


Lovers + Friends Red Ombre Sweater Dress (XXS): Christmas Red is one of my favorite colors ever. It’s so bright and bold that you can’t just help but be happy. I’ve been liking a lot of sweater dresses from Lovers + Friends lately because they actually produce a size XXS. You can see my other sweater dress here. My only warning about this dress is that it has a super wide/deep neckline. So, if you want to be a little more conservative, I would suggest wearing a cami underneath.

Express Slouchy Boots (Sz 6): I usually don’t visit Express’ website a lot, but when I finally do, it’s like a rabbit hole. They always seem to have really good sales and extra coupons that come in the mail. I first came looking for some plain black slides or mules (which I found), but then I saw these slouchy boots and decided to buy them too. I got both of them in size 6.5, but unfortunately they were both too big. I actually returned both and only re-ordered the boots in a size 6. Definitely a better fit.

The heel was also something I had to adjust to since it tapers to a point. Most of my boots have a block heel so I had readjust my balance a little the first time I wore them. Since then though, I have worn them every week. Totally thinking of getting the taupe color ones now that they 50% off!


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