Black Turtleneck and Sheer Floral Midi Skirt


Vince Turtleneck (XS) Similar Here • Wayf Sheer Floral Midi Skirt (XS) • Valentino Rockstud Pumps (36.5) • Gucci Marmont Purse (Mystic White Small) • Hermès Clic H Bracelet

With the holidays coming up, I’m totally in the mood to break out all the pretty pieces from my closet. I know this sheer floral midi skirt is something I’ll be wearing a lot of this coming winter. I’ve already worn it out to dinner and to a baby shower so definitely getting my use in.

Fall is slowly turning into winter and I don’t know if I’m ready yet! The fall season starts so late here in LA that I feel like we don’t get to enjoy the cool crisp weather as much as other parts of the country. Recently, I’ve been taking the train to work and it’s been super foggy and cold in the mornings. I know that’s nothing compared to the rest of the country so I guess I shouldn’t be complaining. Instead,  I should be grateful we don’t really have any wind or snow, right?


Vince Turtleneck (XS): Seen and reviewed here!

Wayf Sheer Floral Midi Skirt (XS): This is my second Wayf item I’ve ever purchased. The first one can be seen here. I’ve never really heard of this brand, but I’m definitely liking the pieces that they are putting out. Very cute and fun, yet classy. This skirt is exactly that. I also like that this skirt it opaque on the top half and sheer on the bottom. I’m about 5′-2″ so the skirt hits me right at the ankles and the inner lining right above the knees.

Valentino Rockstud Pumps (36.5): Seen and reviewed here!

Gucci Marmont Purse (Mystic White Small): Seen and reviewed here!

Hermès Clic H Bracelet: My favorite bracelet ever! I wear it almost every time I go out to dinner.


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