Apple Picking in Oak Glen, CA


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Man! This week has been a total blur of work, cooking, and shopping. My boyfriend and I decided that we are going to host a Friendsgiving this coming weekend and we are in full prep mode. Everything from buying holiday decor to testing out recipes two or three times at least. I will be documenting my Friendsgiving through Instagram stories this Saturday so feel free to watch me possible breakdown in complete tears. Well, hopefully that doesn’t happen (crossing fingers)!


If you’ve been following me on my Instagram feed, you would have probably seen tons of pictures already from my trip to Oak Glen, California. It is about 85 miles east of Los Angeles and takes about an hour and a half (with no traffic) to drive there. It is seriously the cutest little town I’ve ever seen! I was really in the mood to see some fall foliage so I did some googling. There were definitely a lot closer places to LA, but I ultimately decided on Oak Glen because they had apple picking available. I thought it would be a cute thing for my boyfriend and I to do.

There are a few apple farms that you can visit, but we ended up at Los Rio Rancho. I think we just saw a huge crowd and parking lot and decided to follow the masses. We definitely were not disappointed. It consisted of a huge park with picnic tables, a rustic market, restaurant/grill, food vendors, cider making classes, botanical gardens, and of course, apple orchards. Everything made it feel like you were in a small western town.


There were three different types of apples for us to pick: Red Delicious, Red Rome, and Arkansas Black. The Red Delicious and Red Rome were $2.50 per pound and the Arkansas Black was $5 per pound. One of the employees mentioned that the Arkansas Black are not commercially produced so you can only get them on their farm. As you enter the orchard, they have a little taste testing area for you to try the apples. We ended up picking all three and spent somewhere around $14. I’ve never picked apples before so it was super fun and entertaining for me. My boyfriend is from the mid-west so super familiar with apple picking. Apparently, out there you can actually drive your truck into the orchard!

Currently, the season is over for apple picking. You can still go and visit the cute little shops and eat at the restaurants though, but the orchards are now closed. If this sounds interesting to you, apple picking season usually starts around September and ends mid-November. Mark your calendars for next season!




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