Black Turtleneck and Burgundy Pleated Skirt // Sonoma, CA


H&M Burgundy Pleated Skirt (2) • Vince Turtleneck (XS) Similar Here and HereAbound Heeled Sandals (6.5) • Quay SunglassesHermès Clic H Bracelet •  YSL Monogram Wallet on Chain

Happy Hump Day! Today I bring to you another fall outfit that I wore on our second day in Sonoma. I have been really into pleated skirts lately for the fall so you’ll probably be seeing me wear a lot of them on the blog. This burgundy pleated skirt by H&M is probably one of my favorites so far. It was sold out online for awhile and I had to actually go buy it in stores. It just restocked back online with all sizes so make sure you get yours before they run out again.

The first day in Sonoma, we made it to four different wineries. The second day, we were hurting a little bit so we couldn’t make it to our first tasting lol. It ended up being really nice because we got to stay in and cook breakfast as a group. I’m usually always a hotel person, but when I’m traveling with a group of friends, I love renting out a cabin or condo. It’s nice to be all together rather than being split up in different hotel rooms and/or floors. I’m really curious to know what you guys/gals prefer. Hotels or something like an Airbnb?


H&M Burgundy Pleated  Skirt (2): If you haven’t heard yet, H&M changed their sizing for women. If you’ve been following along on the blog, you would know my absolutely distaste for H&M’s sizing. What my size would be in other brand’s clothing, I would always be one to two sizes larger in H&M. On top of that, clothes size at H&M fluctuate depending on the type of clothing. I could be a size 6 in pants and a size 4 in a blouse. Well, H&M has now changed their sizing to reflect more of the standard of what’s out there. What was originally a 2 is now a 0. So far, my experience has been pretty positive with the new sizing. I feel like I’m a 2 in most bottoms now and a 0 in most tops. I’ll definitely update once I’ve tried out more items.

Now, regarding this skirt, I love love LOVE it! The material is really high quality and the color is this deep red that doesn’t look too Christmas-y. That means you get to wear it for multiple occasions all year round. Also, I tried on the size 0 and the waist was too small for me. It was literally cutting into my sides. The size 2 fit much better. If you’re around a size 25 waist, definitely go for the size 2.

Vince Turtleneck (XS) Similar Here and Here: I’ve been wanting a lightweight quality turtleneck for a while now. I feel like a black turtleneck is one of those staples that you really have to invest in. It pairs well with skirts, pants, jeans, etc. Luckily, I came across this one by Vince. I’ve been a fan of Vince for years, but it’s so hard for me to justify their prices sometimes. They truly produce the softest pieces I’ve ever worn and wish my whole fall closest was made out of Vince, but that’s something to hope for in the future. For now, I’m going to start my collection with this piece. It’s classy, lightweight, and stretchy. Also, the neck part is a little loose so it doesn’t feel like it’s constraining you which is a big plus for me.

Abound Heeled Sandals (6.5): I’ve worn these sandals a lot more then I thought I would. I wanted a simple black mid-heel block sandal that I could wear to work, but I actually wear them everywhere. It’s something to give me a little height without killing my feet at the end of the day. I wasn’t planning on wearing these heels, but I liked it better that what I was planning. I lasted all three wineries with them!

Quay Sunglasses: These have been my favorite pair all year. I have a pretty flat noise so I always have to wear glasses with those little nose pads. Otherwise, they slide down my face and rest on my cheeks instead. I wear them almost every day and they are pretty durable. They’ve been through the worst of the black hole aka “my purse” and still have come out alive.








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