High Neck Floral Midi Dress


Boohoo High Neck Floral Midi Dress (2) • Steve Madden Patent Leather Wagner Boots (6.5) • Old H&M Faux Leather Jacket (2) Similar Here •  YSL Small Monogram Chain Wallet

Happy Halloween Everyone! Did everyone dress up today? I will have to admit, I did NOT dress up today. At my previous job, Halloween was my boss’ favorite holiday so he would go all out. He would even incentivize people to dress up by letting them leave early for the day. In previous years, I was an Egyptian, part of the Spice Girls, and the Evil Queen (my boyfriend was Snow White lol). Since I’m at my new job now, they definitely don’t have anything like that here. Therefore, I’m taking advantage of not having to dress up to work this year.

Today, I bring you one of my favorite styles for the fall. I love wearing anything that has high neck details or is midi length. Luckily, this dress has both. Also, it has an open back for a little bit of sexiness. I paired it with my favorite black booties and faux leather jacket. It’s hard to see in the picture, but I also have my Chanel pin on too.


Boohoo High Neck Floral Midi Dress (2): Like I mentioned before, it does have an open back so I had to use a backless bra. The brand that I use is NuBra and I truly love it. I have two of them: the Seamless Push Up and the Silicone Push Up. I probably use the seamless one the most since it’s much lighter than the silicone one. Also, it’s more comfortable for casual wear. There are many details on the dress that I love. There’s a subtle hi-low hem and a cute lace detail at the waist. Also, the long sleeves and high-neck makes it look formal and classy which I love.

Steve Madden Patent Leather Wagner Boots (6.5): These boots are unfortunately discontinued, but I’ve linked some similar ones up above. There’s no platform in the front so the pitch is pretty high. It can definitely get tiring if you’re standing too long or walking somewhere far. Also, the stiletto is a true stiletto so you better have good balance as well.

Old H&M Faux Leather Jacket (2) Similar Here: So this is my favorite faux leather jacket and I’ve worn it a million times. Unfortunately, it’s now showing it’s age with some tears in it. I’ve listed a similar style above, but if anyone has any recommendations on a new faux leather jacket, I would love to hear it.







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