Rainbow Mini Sweater Dress // Palm Springs, CA


Lovers + Friends Sweater Dress (XXS) • Steve Madden Editor Boots (Sz 6.5) Similar Here (Pre-Order) • Gucci Marmont Bag (Small) • Old Sunglasses Similar Here

I’m not sure how other cities deal with the transition from summer to fall, but Southern California is definitely on the slow train. It’s still warm enough during the days to wear shorts and skirts, but it definitely gets colder at night. This is why I think this rainbow mini sweater dress is a fun piece to wear during this transition time. It has the fun bright colors of summer, but the style and material of upcoming fall.

On a more personal note, my boyfriend and I went to a radio show taping of NPR’s Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me! this past Thursday at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles. I surprised him with tickets a couple of months ago when he got his new job. It’s one of our favorite NPR shows and is based out of Chicago. So you could imagine our excitement when we found out it was going to be in LA. Not only that, the special guest was Jon Hamm (Don Draper from Mad Men)! The reason I’m telling you all this is that I highly recommend you catch a taping. Everyone was so funny and it’s interesting how they edit the show once you hear it on the radio. Is anyone else a fan of the show? Did any of you catch the taping in LA as well?!


Lovers + Friends Sweater Dress (XXS): If there was a rainbow mini sweater dress that was made specifically for me, this is what it would exactly look like! I have always been a fan of Lovers + Friends, but the fact that they make an XXS makes me so happy. Usually, sweater dresses run on the longer and baggier side and I end up looking like I’m swimming in it. I would say that this is the perfect length and fit.

Steve Madden Editor Boots (Sz 6.5) Similar Here (Pre-Order): These are the only pair of affordable white boots I have ever found and they are in super limited supply. I think Steve Madden is slowly phasing this model out. The good news is that they are coming out with a new pair that looks almost like it. They are called Trista and you can start pre-ordering them now. From the looks of it, the biggest difference is that the Editor has more of a rounded toe and the Trista has a more pointed toe. The outline of the stitching is also different.

Gucci Marmont Bag (Small): Seen and reviewed here!







I wanted to pass on this amazing fashion deal that I saw at Costco this past Saturday to all my reader. I’ve been wanting Hunter boots FOREVER and even contemplated buying the Target+Hunter collaboration. I ended up not purchasing it because the reviews mentioned that they were not as great as the original ones. In the end, I’m glad I waited because the original tall gloss ones are finally on sale! They are only $89.99 at Costco versus the ones you find at high end retailers like the ones below. They have sizes 6 through 10. I bought a size 6 and it fit just a tad loose which is what I wanted since I would wear thicker socks with it. Happy Shopping Everyone!


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