Metallic Blue Cocktail Dress // Palm Springs, CA


Endless Rose Metallic Blue Cocktail Dress (XS) • SUGARFIX Crystal Hoop Earrings • Old River Island Gold Sandals (Sz 6) • Old Mango Gold Clutch

Hello my lovely readers! So sorry for the delays in posts as I’ve been doing a lot of traveling lately. Fortunately, I will be staying in LA for the next couple of weeks so I’ll be back on track! For now, I want to introduce to you one of my favorite types of trends for date night: metallics.

Every girl loves a little bit of sparkle. Okay, maybe a lot of sparkle! Most ladies (including myself) would probably default to something with sequins, but this time around, I went more for a shiny metallic. I like this type of fabric because it gives it that little bit of shine, but it’s not in-your-face like sequins are. Also, the material is so much more comfortable. There’s only so much itching and scratching from the sequins you can take in one night.



Endless Rose Blue Metallic Cocktail Dress (XS): The color and shine on this dress is what really catches my eye. I like that the dress is also backless so it gives it a bit of sexiness while still being classy. I would say the dress does seem a little bit long for a petite, but it wasn’t enough for me to get it hemmed. The material is soft and flows. Definitely great for cocktails and a big dinner. It hides the food baby really well!

SUGARFIX Crystal Hoop Earrings: I really must love these earrings since I’ve been wearing them a lot lately. Drop earrings are my favorite, but sometimes they get to heavy for my ears and start to get annoying. I like these a lot because they are so light.







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