Floral Cutout Midi Dress // Palm Springs, CA


Wayf Floral Midi Cutout Dress (XS) • ASOS Nude Heels (Sz 6) • Cult Gaia (Dupe) Small Tote • SUGARFIX Crystal Hoop Earrings

I know most people consider Labor Day Weekend to be the last weekend of summer, but there’s no way that can work in Southern California. We are still getting days in the mid-80s and even higher if you go inland. As is the case with our recent Palm Springs trip. It was easily 105+ F during the day! So, of course you have to dress appropriately and this darling floral cutout midi dress was perfect for our night out.


Wayf Floral Midi Cutout Dress (XS): When I first saw this dress online, I thought it was going to be more of a light flowing material. Maybe like a polyester blend of some sort. To my surprise, the outer shell was made mostly out of linen and was fully lined underneath. In the end, I decided to wear the dress to dinner because wearing it during the day in 100+ degree weather would have been too hot. The ruffles at the bottom are super fun when you walk since they give the dress volume. I will say though that the cutout looks shorter on me than the model, but it might also be the smaller sizing.

ASOS Nude Heels (Sz 6): Absolutely my favorite pair of nude heels making an appearance again! Also seen here and reviewed here.

Cult Gaia (Dupe) Small Tote: My absolute favorite bag all summer! Love that is was affordable and looks exactly like the designer brand.

SUGARFIX Crystal Hoop Earrings: I feel like I barely every wear these earrings and somehow I almost paired it with every outfit on this trip. It’s something small and delicate, but with a little sparkle. I do get my finger caught in the hoop all the time when I try to flip my hair back though. So be careful!







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