Petite Coral Strappy Midi Dress // LA Flower District, CA


BRF Petite Coral Strappy Midi Dress (00 Petite) • River Island Gold Mules (6) • Gucci Marmont Bag (Small) • SUGARFIX Crystal Hoop Earrings

When I have time and I’m feeling really motivated, I love going to the Flower District in Downtown LA to buy flowers and make my own arrangements. I’ve done it a couple times for the holidays, but we decided to go here this time because it was my new boss’ birthday and I wanted to make something special for her.

The Flower District comprises of wholesale warehouses and stores that normally sell to florists or other retailers. Luckily, on certain times and days, they are open to the public and you can buy your own flowers for very cheap! You can buy anything from bouquets, pre-made arrangements, potted plants, succulents, orchids, balloons, vases, etc. It’s usually a $2 donation on weekdays and $1 donation on Saturday. Even if you don’t buy anything, it’s worth going to look at all the pretty flowers. It instantly brightens up your mood.


BRF Petite Coral Strappy Midi Dress (00 Petite): You might have seen this style of dress on my blog before here. I loved the style so much that I decided to buy it in this color as well. The straps were a little too long again, but surprisingly not long enough for me to want to alter the straps right away like I had to with the other dress. Summer really gets me in the mood of wearing bold colors as you can see from my most recent blog post. This coral will be a great transition color into fall as well.

River Island Gold Mules (6): Since the dress is simple, I wanted to dress it up with my shoes. I’ve been wanting to wearing my mules again so it seemed to work out. It can also be seen and reviewed here!

Gucci Marmont Bag (Small): So this is one of the beautiful purchases that was made during my most recent Hawaii trip and I couldn’t be more ecstatic! It was seriously a last minute choice and I made my poor boyfriend suffer through my indecisiveness. I couldn’t decide if I wanted the mini version or the small version. I probably tried both on like 20 times each, but I ended up going with the small since I really don’t have anything that size. I’ll be doing a full in-depth blog post of the purse soon so be on the lookout.

SUGARFIX Crystal Hoop Earrings: I wanted something delicate and simple to pair with the dress. It was also hot that day so I decided to put my hair in a low ponytail. This gave me the chance to really showoff the sparkly earrings.


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