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If you had the chance to read my review of Rodan + Field’s Lash Boost, you might have remembered reading that I’m really bad at keeping up a routine or remembering to do something on a daily basis. Usually I forget or I’m just plain too lazy to do it. I even mention something about teeth whitening too. Well, here we are today and I’m knee deep in teeth-whitening land with Smile Brilliant.



Smile Brilliant is an online company that produces teeth-whitening kits that you can do in the comfort of your own home. It’s a system where you make molds of your own teeth and then Smile Brilliant will make custom-fitted trays for you. Kind of like those clear Invisalign retainers.  I’ve only ever tried the typical Crest WhiteStripes that you see from TV commercials so when Smile Brilliant reached out to me to try their T3 Sensitive System, I was really excited to try something new. Even though this kit was provided for me, please know that all opinions are my own.



To be honest, I was nervous about trying this out because I thought for sure I would mess something up. You get a box/package in the mail and it’s essentially your whole whitening kit. The first step that they want you to do is to make a mold of your teeth. They give you three sets. One for the top row of teeth, one for the bottom row of teeth, and one just in case you need a do-over. I used all three since I definitely messed up on my first try. I didn’t bite down hard enough so the mold didn’t go over my teeth. Luckily, the other two came out better.


After you finish your molds, you will have to mail it back with a consent card that was provided in the box. Smile Brilliant will then take your molds and make a replica of them in a flexible clear plastic material. I got my custom fitted trays back in about a week in the mail. The molds came in a small little storage case. When I first tried them on, they fit pretty spot on. After I put the whitening gel in, I did notice that there were some bubbles underneath the mold. After closer inspection, I noticed that some of the mold didn’t touch my teeth as good as others. As a way to fix it, I just added a little more gel to those certain spaces and it solved the problem.



So I kept a small day-to-day journal of my progress… Here I go!

Day 1 (Saturday): Ok! So excited. I’ve never done custom fitted trays for my teeth before. I squeezed a ribbon of gel onto the front part of the trays. They recommend 45 mins to three hours. I did one hour right before bed. Teeth whitening gel tastes weird. Had to get up and spit a couple of times. Did not use desensitizing gel.

Day 2 (Sunday): Skipped. Totally forgot to do it! Was working on the blog all day and then had to meal prep for the coming week. Was too tired to stay awake for another 45+ minutes.

Day 3 (Monday): We’re back on track. Feeling a little bit of sensitivity in my gums. My teeth feel fine. OMG! I totally put too much gel into the trays this time. Spitting like crazy. Totally my fault. Lesson learned. Do not over compensate. Let it stay in for one hour right before bed. No desensitizing gel.

Day 4 (Tuesday): Definitely feeling more sensitivity in my gums. Read that this could be caused by putting too much gel in the trays. My teeth feel a little bit sensitive too, so I finally decide to use the desensitizing gel. Definitely helped with the sting. I did one hour for the whitening and 20 mins for the desensitizing gel (as recommended) right before bed.

Day 5 (Wednesday): Gums and teeth are still sensitive, but not as much as the day before. I put in less gel this time. One hour whitening gel and 20 minutes of desensitizing gel right before bed. Still spitting a few times during the hour. Oh yeah, totally trying to finish reading Crazy Rich Asians before I go watch the movie!


Day 6 (Thursday): Still sensitive on my gums and teeth, but I think I’m getting more use to the trays being in my mouth. I didn’t even really notice it this time. Maybe because I was watching TV this time and so I was distracted. Did it for one hour whitening and 20 minutes desensitizing gel. Again, right before bed.

Day 6 (Friday): Same thing today. Did one hour of whitening and 20 mins of the desensitizing gel before bed. I think I’m getting more use to this. I still spit maybe two or three times during the hour.

Day 7 (Saturday): I was so determined to finish my seven days that I did this at almost 3:00am in the morning. My friends and I went out and I didn’t get home until 2:30am-ish, but I was determined at this point to finish a full seven days. I did the teeth whitening gel for 50 mins and desensitizing gel for 20 mins. Gums still hurt a little bit.

Day 8 (Sunday): Still kept it going. 45 min whitening gel and 20 mins desensitizing gel. I figure I might keeping going until I finish the package. Gums still sting a little.

Day 9 (Monday): Skipped. Decided to take a rest.

Day 10 (Tuesday): Skipped it again.

Day 11 (Wednesday): My gums and teeth don’t hurt at all. I also think I finally got the hang of how much whitening gel to put in my trays. I didn’t have to spit out once. It only took me eights times of doing it lol. 45 mins and no desensitizing gel before bed.

Day 12 (Thursday): Skipped. By the time I remembered, it was 11:30pm and I didn’t want to stay up for another hour.

Day 13 (Friday): Another work week is over. Decided to stay in and work on the blog and watch some TV. Did one hour of whitening gel and 20 mins desensitizing gel. Didn’t spit any this time too. This is my tenth session and I think they are getting pretty white!


Day 14  (Saturday): Skipped. Had a birthday party to attend to and well… champagne was involved.

Day 15 (Sunday): Did 50 minutes whitening gel and no desensitizing gel right before bed. Didn’t spit anything out again. No sensitivity. So happy.


the_moderness_smile_brilliant_teeth_whitening_day_0No teeth whitening

the_moderness_smile_brillant_teeth_whitening_day_7_After 7 Sessions

the_moderness_smile_brillant_teeth_whitening_lipstickAfter 7 Sessions with Lipstick

the_moderness_smile_brilliant_teeth_whitening_5After 10 Sessions


Overall, I think the system is pretty good! Who knew you could do a professional whitening system at home instead of going to a dentist for it. I would say that’s a big plus for me. The routine was pretty easy once you got the hang of it as well.  The biggest difference from Crest Whitestripes is that you definitely need more patience and more money. This is not something that you can buy at the store quickly and do it that night. This should be considered an investment since it does cost $139 for the T3 System. With all this being said, I would say that my teeth are whiter all around than when I used the Crest Whitestipes. The Crest Whitestripes only really whiten places that the strips touch. So if you don’t have perfectly inline teeth, there will be some spots you’ll miss.

I’m definitely going to do finish up the whole teeth whitening kit until I run out. I’m a big wine and coffee drinker so I need all the help I can get. I would say I get at least 3-4 sessions with each whitening syringe so I’ll probably get a total of 15 sessions once I’m finish with the whole system. The easiest time for me to do it was at night after dinner. I’m always working on my blog, reading, or watching TV so it’s the perfect time to multi-task.



Desensitizing Gel: I would definitely use it from the beginning! No point in testing out if your teeth are going to feel sensitive or not. Also, I seem to use more of this gel per session vs. the whitening gel for some reason. If you know you are going to skip a day or two of the whitening gel, then I would skip the desensitizing gel for that particular session.

Brushing Teeth: Make sure you read the instructions. There are specific instructions about how to brush your teeth before and after and I definitely messed up one or twice. I would keep the cards next to your toothbrush so it’s easy to read on what to do.

Improvements: I wish they provided one more set of molding product in the beginning. I think I could have done a better mold on my second try on the lower row of teeth.


So if you finished this whole blog post, congrats to you! Now you get to reap the rewards. Smile Brilliant has agreed to give one lucky reader a T3 Sensitive System for FREE! All you have to do is…

1) Follow me on Instagram @themoderness (if you haven’t already)
2) Enter through this Giveaway Link: Click Here!

It’s that easy! One lucky winner will be chosen and you will get to try this system for yourself. I would personally love to hear what you think about it too. Currently, this is only open to USA, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia residents.

If you can’t wait and want to try this system right now, you can use my 15% discount code on any tray set. The code is themoderness15.

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