Fashion Roundup // Havana + Tulum + Cancun


I can’t believe how fast this trip went for me. I felt like I was a millions miles away and then suddenly I was back at home. I thought for this post I would do an overall fashion roundup of all my outfits that I wore on in Havana, Tulum, and Cancun. I feel like I had the most fun picking out outfits for this trip and I hope I inspired some of you for your next vacation. Also, all of these pictures below are new so I hope you enjoy!

Havana, Cuba (Plaza de la Cathedral)


Havana, Cuba (Malecón)


Tulum, Mexico (Entrance to the Tulum Ruins)


Tulum, Mexico (Papaya Playa Project)


Cancun, Mexico (Beach in front of the Ritz Carlton Cancun)


Cancun, Mexico (Our hotel balcony at the Ritz Carlton Cancun)


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