Yellow Hi Lo Hem Midi Dress // Havana, Cuba


ASOS Yellow Hi Lo Hem Midi Dress (Petite 0) – On Sale! • A New Day Boater Hat • Cult Gaia (Dupe) Small Tote • BaubleBar Mini Pinata Earrings (Turquoise) Similar Here • Dolce Vita Wedges (6.5) Similar Here

Happy summer everyone! It’s definitely warming up in LA and can’t wait until the heat is in full swing. I absolutely love the heat (dry heat to be specific). Maybe it’s because I get cold so easily, but nothing makes me happier than feeling the warm sun on my skin. That’s why I think this yellow hi lo hem midi dress would be appropriate to share today since it’s the first day of summer!

This post will also be the last of my Havana series. When we planned our trip, we decided that we were going to split up the week and spend the first half in Cuba and the second half in Mexico. The flight was literally less than an hour so we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to visit Tulum and Cancun. The next couple of posts will be dedicated to the outfits that I wore on that portion of the trip.


ASOS Yellow Hi Lo Hem Midi Dress (Petite 0): I literally looked for weeks to find a comfortable yellow dress to wear in Havana. I finally settled on this petite version from ASOS. The length was perfect and it was the style I was looking for. I also used my belt from my previous River Island dress to cinch it at the waist. I love when I can reuse accessories from other outfits. It especially helps when you’re trying to save room in your suitcase. My only comment about the dress is that it’s not really bra friendly. You will have to wear a strapless bra with this. I even bought a brand new convertible multi-way strapless bra and none of the straps configurations worked for me.

A New Day Boater Hat: Seen and reviewed here!

Cult Gaia (Dupe) Small Tote: Yes, here it is again! If you seen my other blog posts, you know I’ve been using this purse to death.

BaubleBar Mini Pinata Earrings (Turquoise): I absolutely love pairing yellow and turquoise together.  It gives it that bright contrast and it also reminds of a tropical place. These ones are sold out, but I’ve listed very similar ones above.

Dolce Vita Wedges (6.5): So, the Malecón is definitely not the most level sidewalk to walk on. It has definitely fallen in disrepair over the years, but people still go there to hang out and even run on it! Well, the Malecón won that day and the strap that connects to my actual wedge completely broke off. Luckily, I had a pair of sandals in my purse that I could switch into. Every place that I go where I know I will be walking a lot, but I want to still wear high shoes, I always bring a pair of sandals with me. This has totally saved me in the past AND on this occasion.


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