White Polka Dot Midi Dress // Napa, CA


Xhilaration Dress (XS) On Sale!Kitten Heeled Mules (Sz 7) • Hermès BraceletSmall Bamboo Handmade Purse

Happy Friday Everyone! Today, I want to share with you this amazing white polka dot midi dress that I found at Target. It is such a fun and easy dress to go out in especially with Memorial Day coming up. I’m also excited because I’m leaving for my trip tomorrow to the Caribbean and Riveria Maya. If you don’t follow me on Instagram already, definitely check it out as I will be posting pictures there throughout my trip!

Every time I visit Napa, I always want to get dressed up a little. Such a beautiful place warrants a beautiful outfit. Also, everyone else seems to be dressed up too so why not join in on the fun. This weekend also is the big music festival BottleRock Napa Valley. I’ve been wanting to go for years, but keep missing it! Has anyone else gone? Would love to get your thoughts and tips!


Xhilaration Dress (XS): I love everything about this dress. I’ve been wanting a bandeau-tie-front type of dress for awhile and was so excited to find not only an affordable option, but one that actually fits a petite person. The dress also comes with pockets which is a big selling point for me. I originally planned on wearing the dress with a strapless bra but the bra kind of peeked out from underneath where the key hole is. So, I actually decided to forgo the bra since the material was thick enough to cover up what needed to be covered up!

Kitten Heeled Mules (Sz 7): Okay, so just we are clear, I actually kind of hate low heels. I’m already so short that I literally think that short heels are pointless. But I thought I would give it a try since I’ve been seeing it a lot lately in magazines and other fashion blogs. Lucky, a found a cute option at Target as well. These shoes are from their “A New Day” line and are super affordable. I went a size up from my regular 6.5 since all the reviews were saying that it was on the smaller side. I could have probably done the 6.5, but the 7 was more comfortable.

Hermès Bracelet: I’m not a big bracelet person, but if I were to pick one for the rest of my life, it would be this bracelet! It’s so classic and timeless that it can really pair with any outfit. It also comes in various colors in a slim version (which I have on) and a thicker version.

Small Bamboo Handmade Purse: Also seen here and reviewed here!






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