Ultimate Ruffle Romper // Santa Monica, CA


C/MEO Romper (XS) • Brit Cork Wedges (6.5) • Bamboo HandbagBaublebar Firecracker Earrings

Rompers are one of my favorite pieces to wear during the spring and summer months. I love that it’s one-and-done sort of deal. Also, for a petite person, I feel like you can get away with having a shorter length with a romper or shorts than you NORMALLY would with a skirt. This gives you the appearance of having longer legs which is what I’m always trying to strive for.

In other news, I’ll be heading out towards Cancun and Tulum in a couple weeks! If anyone has any food recommendations or places to visit, I would absolutely love to hear from you. It’ll be my first time going and we only have a couple of days so we’re trying to make the most of it.


C/MEO Romper (XS): This romper that I have on is probably my favorite of all time. I deem this the ultimate ruffle romper! It pretty much is everything I wish for in a piece of clothing. It’s feminine, soft, and flowy. I love that it’s a one-shoulder style with a tiered ruffle sleeve. The outer material is semi-opaque, but is fully lined underneath. It’s great for warmer weather days since the material is super light-weight. Also, they don’t mention it on the website, but the romper has side pockets! Pockets are almost an instant sell for me.

Brit Cork Wedges (6.5): As much as I love these wedges, I have to say that these do dig into the back of my heels a lot. Especially the right foot. It literally cut the back of my ankle to the point where I had to take off my shoes. Not sure if anyone had the same experience or if it’s just me. I will try to give them one more chance though!

Bamboo Handbag: Reviewed here and seen here!








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