Hotel Review // JW Marriott Singapore South Beach


There is definitely no shortage of amazing hotels in Singapore. So when we visited, we decided to not just stay at one, but do a mini hotel hop and check out three different hotels! The first one on our list was the JW Marriott Singapore South Beach. We only stayed here one night, but it was a truly amazing experience. Also, I’m particularly excited to share with you my review of the JW Marriott Singapore because this will be my first travel post. I hope it’s informative and would love to know your thoughts!


Once you get to know me, you will find out that I’m in love with everything that has to do with hotels. Actually, all things hospitality related really. Ever since I was little, I wanted to open up my own restaurant. I would steal my mom’s cookbooks and hide them in my room so I can read them at night. Of course my mom would find them and take them back. She must have thought I was such a weird kid.

Today, this dream still holds true along with the goal of being able to develop and design my own hotel one day. I’m lucky enough that my current job allows me to work on so many great hospitality projects. Hopefully one day I can accomplish my dreams, but as of right now, lets get going with my review of the JW Marriott Singapore!





The JW Marriott Singapore South Beach hotel is a large designer hotel located just north of the Central Business District near Suntec City (multi-use development) and Marina Bay. It’s a little bit far walking-wise from all the touristy spots, but you definitely get the quiet rest and relaxation you need. It is also conveniently located off the Esplanade stop on the Circle Line (yellow) if you wanted to take the metro train somewhere.

The hotel is part of the South Beach complex which includes historical buildings, offices, residences, restaurants, bars, and retail. The famous Raffles Hotel Singapore is also right across the street if you want to hop on over and try the original Singapore Sling cocktail. Unfortunately, the hotel was undergoing renovations during our visit, but I’m sure we’ll be back.


Taking pictures around the hotel was so much fun! The architecture of the hotel was absolutely jaw-dropping and we were right next to these beautiful white historical conservation buildings. On top of that, everything was so green! There were so many plants, trees, ponds, and water features that surrounded the hotel.

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The day we landed in Singapore was the morning of my actual birthday (Singapore time). I had no clue at the time, but my boyfriend surprised me by getting us a beautiful corner suite. Our room was located on the 21st floor facing the Marina Bay Sands Hotel. The suite was comprised of a living area, 1.5 bathrooms, a small wet bar area, and bedroom.


The decor was super modern. There were white cabinets, mirrored closets, large windows, and designer furniture. My favorite part was definitely the windows in the bedroom looking out in to the city. So much light came in during the day and at night, you can see all the city lights slowly turn on. My second favorite part was the gorgeous all-white bathroom. It consisted of his and her vanities which is always a plus. The only weird part was that every time you passed the restroom, the toilet seat would automatically lift up which scared me once or twice!


If you are interested in this room, it is listed as “Premier Marina Bay View, Club lounge access, 1 Bedroom Executive Suite, 1 King, Bathrooms: 1.5” on Marriott’s website. Our suite did not look like the pictures on the website though.






All the usual amenities were what you expect from a modern luxury hotel. My favorites though were the pool and the executive lounge.

There are two pools on the property, but we only had time to experience one. The pool that we went to was located outside on the 18th floor. The whole floor is actually dedicated to guests that provide a game area, lounge seating, outdoor bar, and of course the pool. Everything is recessed back into the building so it is completely covered above by the upper floors. The view is what you really go here for though. It looks straight out into downtown and Marina Bay. Keep in the mind the pool is covered from the sun so the water is actually really cold!  If you’re like me the pool may be too cold, so jump in the water during the hottest/humid time in the day.





My favorite amenity of the whole hotel though goes to their executive lounge. Most hotels that have these lounges are usually pretty simple and not worth the extra money. Or they have a pretty good breakfast service, but the rest of the day has very minimal offerings. The JW Marriott definitely went above and beyond anything I have ever seen. 


At first, I thought we had walked into a buffet/restaurant and not a club lounge. It was beautifully decorated in fun colors and had the biggest array of food I have ever seen for a lounge. Most of the offerings were self-service, but they did have two chefs making your typical egg or noodles dishes to order. I would definitely recommend paying the extra and getting the access. It’s always really nice to just roll out of bed and head downstairs where food is already made for you. They also had an evening service that we unfortunately didn’t get to spend much time at, but I’m glad to report that they do have alcohol as part of their free offerings.



Checking In Early: Our flight got in super early so we decided to try our luck to see if we could check-in early. No surprise, the room was not ready yet. Luckily though, since our room included the executive lounge, they gladly escorted us to the lounge and let us have breakfast there while we waited for our room. I couldn’t technically go anymore that morning anyways because I actually had to take an online midterm exam. Yes, right on my birthday. I’m glad to report that the Wi-Fi speed in the lounge is excellent! We both thought it was super kind of the hotel to post us up there and we really appreciated after a 17+ hour flight.

Points: If you are in the points game (another passion of mine), the hotel is a Category 8 and it costs 40,000 Marriott points/night for a standard room.

How to Get Here: Uber is definitely up and running in Singapore. This is what we used to get to the hotel from the airport.

That concludes my hotel review of the JW Marriott Singapore! I hope this was useful if you are considering staying at this hotel. Also, I would love to know if any of you have been here too and what your thoughts were and if you have any tips for other people ready. Also, just a disclaimer, I’m not an affiliate of Marriott and all opinions are of my own. Thank you everyone!


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