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Lioness Off Shoulder Romper (XS) Similar Here or HereCork Wedge Sandals (6.5 US) • Straw Crossbody PurseWhite Drop Earrings with Fringe

Happy Monday Everyone! I’m super excited to be writing this blog post today because it’s the start of my Singapore series. Some of you might know that I just recently went to Singapore for my birthday a couple weeks ago, so for the next couple of blog posts, I’ll not only be featuring outfits on what I wore on my trip, but places to stay, where to eat, and where to go!


Travel has been and will always be a real big passion of mine. You could probably even say that it was my first true love. It all started when my mom took my sister and I back to Thailand when we were kids. It was the first international place I ever visited. We spent six weeks of our summer vacation and I remember having the most amazing time. It was sort of this magical place where everything was so different and cheap compared to the States. The culture, food, shopping, weather, and way of life was so foreign to me.

My second trip ever out of the States was my sophomore summer in college for a study abroad program. At the time, I was too scared of committing a whole quarter/semester abroad. Luckily, my college offered a 1-month program over the summer to certain international cities. Of course, I chose PARIS, FRANCE! Who wouldn’t want to go, right? Not only would I get to visit my dream city, but it would be the first time traveling alone. I didn’t know anyone else that was going in my program and that was the scariest part. In the end, I was worried for nothing. I made lifelong friends and incredible memories that truly helped shape the type of person I am today.

After graduating college, I decided that for the next year and a half I would travel the world to see and experience as much as I could. Not sure if I really decided that myself or because it was the start of the recession and I couldn’t find a job like most people. Maybe everything happens for a reason though. In that year and a half, I got to backpack through almost 30 countries. Singapore being one of them. Keep in mind, I was a poor college student back then and had to do everything on the cheap. Therefore, you can just imagine my excitement when I had the chance this year to go back and do everything as a paid working adult!



Packing for Singapore was fun, but quite the challenge. The weather was going to be hot and humid during the days, but much cooler at night. It also said that it was going to rain which seems to always double the size of my packing. I ended up choosing a lot of loose clothing primarily made out of cotton or polyester. Cotton for the breathability and polyester for the wrinkle-free and non-absorbent qualities. This off shoulder romper ended up being one of my favorite outfits the whole trip.

Lioness Off Shoulder Romper (XS): I am so in love with this romper! Nothing like a beautiful light blue to really get the jump on spring. Since it’s super humid in Singapore, the off-the-shoulder detail and oversized sleeves made it really comfortable to wear. Also, since it’s one whole outfit, it’s easily packable and doesn’t take up a lot of room. My only comment about this outfit is that it is made out of 100% cotton so it does wrinkle easily. You should have seen it when I took it out of my suitcase! Luckily, it’s nothing an iron couldn’t fix in five minutes.

Cork Wedge Sandals (6.5 US): One of my shoe staples during the spring and summer times are wedge sandals. I always go toward nude colors so it gives the illusion longer legs. Also, these are on sale right now which makes them an even better find. I still need to break them in a bit more since the back of the strap kept on rubbing up against the back of my ankle.

Straw Crossbody Purse: Whenever you think of tropical places, don’t you always think of straw accessories? Something about it just reminds you of the beach or being near the water. I can honestly say that I probably used this purse the most during our trip. You can carry it as a purse or use it as a crossbody bag. The front has a gold clasp to lock it into place. The best part of all is that it’s under $20!

White Drop Earrings with Fringe: Again, another great pair from SUGARFIX by BaubleBar. I really wanted a pair of white earrings for the this outfit and I thought the fan shape was super fun. Wearing statement earrings when my hair is pulled back or when I wear off-the-shoulder pieces is a styling trick I do all the time. It really sets the stage to highlight the earrings.







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