Gray Coat & Red Booties


Mango Belted Wool Coat (XXS) • H&M Sweater (XS) Similar Here or HereASOS Petite Jeans (W25L28) • Steve Madden Booties -On Sale! (6.5 US) • Old Mango Shoulder Bag Similar Here

When I first started out at my job, I used to have to get dressed up and present at client or city meetings all the time. Nowadays, I’m in a different position so I don’t have to dress up as much, but I look forward to the times I do. I’ve never really worked in a place that had a strict dress code and it makes me wonder if I can ever do a power-suit kind of job. I mean, if I had the wardrobe like the actresses on Suits (especially Jessica Pearson), I would definitely do it.

Well for now, my office is in the creative field so I get to wear more casual outfits like this one! This outfit is definitely all about the wool coat and bright booties. One of my favorite ways to style is to mix dark monochromatic colors with a pop of red. The little bit of color really catches the eye. I’m definitely interested to know if anyone else out there has a more relaxed dress code or are you definitely in a position where you have to suit up?


Mango Belted Wool Coat (XXS): Another great wool coat from Mango! My favorite part of this coat is the belt buckle at the top. You can make it a high collar for those windy days or leave it down for more of a relaxed look. I seriously find the best work wear and outerwear from Mango. Most people gravitate towards Zara, but for some reason I like the style of Mango better. In my experience, Mango’s clothes seem more fitted and usually is a bit more affordable.

ASOS Petite Jeans (W25L28): If you are looking for truly black jeans, look no further! I haven’t washed them yet so I can’t attest if they are going to fade or not, but I’ll make sure to update when I do.

Steve Madden Booties (6.5): You might have seen this style on me before. It’s because I have the black patent leather version of them as well seen here or here! If you have been looking for a pair of stiletto booties, I would definitely go with this Wagner style from Steve Madden. Macy’s and Lord & Taylor always have amazing sales and you can sometimes get these boots for almost 30%-40% off.








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