Black Wool Coat & Burgundy Purse // Whistler, B.C.


Mango Wool Coat (XXS) • ASOS Petite Mini Knitted Dress (Sz 0) • F21 Classic Leggings (S) • Steve Madden Booties (6.5) or HereSUGARFIX Drop EarringsMango Metallic Handle Bag or Similar HereZara Scarf

Hello Readers! I cannot tell you how happy I am that it’s the weekend. It was probably the first time in months that I actually got to sleep in. I also mostly needed it because I’m still sick so I’m trying to recover as fast as possible. It seems like my whole office is getting sick as well so make sure everyone out there take care of yourselves!

Today, I bring you an outfit more for the city life. Mango had this amazing winter sale and I finally got a few things that I’ve been eyeing. One of them was this black wool coat and the other was this metallic handle bag. Both pairs perfectly for a chic city outfit. I wanted to go with all dark colors for this look except for the accessories. What I couldn’t figure out was what to do with my hair since it was raining that day. I ended up going with this messy wavy look. I’ve never done it before and I ended up liking it a lot. This goes to show you that doing something different once in awhile can bring up new possibilities.


Mango Wool Coat (XXS): Hands down my new favorite coat! Currently, all my wool coats are on the more feminine side having some sort of tie belt, lapel collar, or flared hem. I’m glad that I finally found one that was more masculine, straight, and structured. It would be great to wear to work or business meetings. I also like this coat because it fit perfectly right out of the box. I didn’t have to hem the sleeves or the length of the coat!

ASOS Petite Mini Knitted Dress (Sz 0): I can’t get enough of sweater dresses this season and this one is no exception. Interestingly, I usually don’t like ASOS Petite because the fit is a little bit off to me especially in the torso area. Since this was a sweater dress, I figured that I would give it a shot anyways. I bought two sizes again (0 and 2) and I actually went with the 0 for the first time ever is ASOS Petite. I think they made the sweater dress more loose fitting than usually. It even made me think I should have gone for the 00.

Steve Madden Booties (6.5): I have to say that I’m definitely getting my use out of these shoes. They are seen here and reviewed here!

SUGARFIX Drop Earrings: I love all of BaubleBar’s line of earrings, but sometimes you just don’t want to pay that price. Well, luckily we have SUGARFIX by BaubleBar! It’s BaubleBar’s more affordable jewelry line sold exclusively at Target and I love it because it has almost the same designs for a lot less. Also, who doesn’t love Target?! The first day I wore these earrings out, I got complimented on by three different people. I like these earrings with this outfit because most of my clothes are monochromatic and then I have a pop of red from the purse and a pop of blue from the earrings.

Mango Metallic Handle Bag: This bag is straight up my alley. So modern and minimalist. I also like the round metal handle which is very Chloé-like. It also comes with a strap if you want to use it as a shoulder bag.

Zara Scarf: I got that scarf back when I was in Bareclona because I needed something extra to keep me warm at that time. Also, I think I also found it in the men’s section by accident. Either way, I bought it and to this day, is it my favorite scarf that I use. The material is so soft that it makes me want to wear it all the time. It is also is pretty affordable for that quality you get.







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