Faux Fur Coat & Black Booties // Whistler, BC


BB Dakota Faux Fur Coat (XS) or Here • Old F21 Turtleneck Similar HereF21 Classic Leggings (S) • Steve Madden Booties or Here (6.5) • YSL Small Monogram Chain Wallet

Hi Everyone! Just flew back into LA yesterday and I have to say that it’s downright cold here. This is a drastic change coming from Singapore where it’s been hot and humid. Unfortunately, when the weather changes too suddenly, my body can’t seem to adjust fast enough so now I’m sick. But the good news is that it’s actually cold enough for a proper winter faux fur coat!

Some of you might think that a faux fur coat might not be for you, but I say definitely give it a try! Such a statement coat might seem intimidating, but if you like it and it makes you feel good, then who cares what anyone else thinks. I never even considered buying one until I saw my friend wear one during a night out in LA. She looked so chic in it that I thought I would try to find one myself. It would probably be even more useful for me since I go up to the mountains a lot.

I’ve been wanting to wear this faux fur coat for awhile and couldn’t really find a good time for it until I went to Whistler a couple weeks ago. During the day, it was around the low 40s and it kept me pretty warm. Since the evenings in LA now are actually around the same temperature, I think it’s going to be perfect for nights out this week.


BB Dakota Faux Fur Coat (XS): I’ve been looking for a longer faux fur coat for awhile and finally decided on this one based on color, price, and quality. I will say that even the XS is a little too big for me, but I still liked it enough that I wanted to keep it. The faux fur is super soft and the color is neutral enough where I can wear it with various things. It has two side pockets and two buttons at the top of the coat.

F21 Classic Leggings (S): Reviewed here and seen also here!

Steve Madden Booties (6.5): People must have thought I was crazy wearing these boots around Whistler, but they weren’t that bad. It was raining a lot while I was there so it was pretty functional except maybe the stiletto heel lol. More info about these boots here and also worn here!

YSL Small Monogram Chain Wallet: Reviewed here.






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