YSL Le Smoking with H&M // Las Vegas, NV


H&M Jacket or Similar Here (Sz 4) • H&M Pants (Sz 2) • Sold Out H&M Bodysuit but Similar Here or Here (XS) • Christian Louboutin Heels (36.5) • YSL Purse

If there is one thing I love more than Las Vegas, it’s Yves Saint Laurent! I have always been a fan of the tuxedo-style suit on women so I was ecstatic when I found out that YSL was the original designer of the look. The look is called “Le Smoking” and to this day, versions of it is still being sold in stores. The average YSL Le Smoking Jacket already starts at almost $3k. Of course, I cannot afford the “real” Le Smoking suit so I decided to recreate this look for less. I mean way less!

Luckily, I found everything I needed for the suit at H&M. I knew I wanted a one-button fitted suit jacket paired with skinny tapered pants. It took a couple of different jackets and different sizes, but I finally found what I liked. I originally wanted to wear just the jacket and no body suit underneath so it created that sexy plunging neckline. Unfortunately, every time I sat down or even moved, the jacket would pucker and then create a massive wardrobe malfunction if you know what I mean. So instead, I decided to wear a bodysuit underneath for my safety and everybody else’s. I still want to wear just the jacket one day, but it’ll probably have to be a different style. If anyone has any recommendations, I would love to hear them.

For the accessories, I already had a YSL purse that I turned into a clutch to really tie the whole YSL Le Smoking theme together. For the shoes, I first tried on some black patent leather heeled sandals, but opted for my Christian Louboutin So Kate pumps. The closed-toe shoes vs. sandals definitely made the outfit look more like a boss!


H&M Jacket (Sz 4): I really wanted a one-button jacket, but I couldn’t find any that fit right. I ended up choosing this one because it had the neckline  and the length that I was looking for. The only thing that was missing was the one-button. Instead, this jacket has a hook and eye closure, which I ultimately grew to like even more. It made the jacket even more modern and sleek.

H&M Pants (Sz 2): Surprisingly, these pants fit extremely well straight out of the store. I was afraid I had to go have them hemmed, but they were the perfect length. The size 2 did fit a little tight on the waist, but it wasn’t too bad. If I had to do it again, I would get the size 4 just so I wouldn’t have to worry about eating too much at dinner. Otherwise, I’m okay with sucking it in for now!







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