UGG Simmens & Winter Pastels // Lake Tahoe, CA

F21 Cardigan (S) Similar Here or Here • Old BR Factory Sweater (XS) • BR Factory ScarfF21 Classic Leggings (S) • UGG Boots (Sz 6.5) • Kate Spade Earrings Similar Here or Here

We’re finally getting some rain here in LA and I love it! It’s so rare that we get any sort of weather so I always appreciate it when it actually happens. I also think it gives me a legitimate reason to skip the gym and stay home. Who else is with me?!?!?!

Either way, if I have to go outside in the rain, my new favorite thing to wear are my UGG Simmens. Just FYI, I’m not affiliated with UGG in any way. This is my personal opinion and I spent my own hard earned money on these shoes.

It all started when I was traveling to Europe this past fall and I needed some comfortable boots that I can really walk and be a tourist in. On top of that, I demanded that they be fashionable, hold up in the rain, and keep my feet warm. I know most bloggers out there love to wear Hunter boots or Sperry boots, but I was on a mission to find something chic enough that I can wear out anytime. Unfortunately, I did not find it before I left for Europe, but did find them before my Lake Tahoe trip. So entered my life… UGG Simmens!


F21 Cardigan (S): This is an old cardigan that I bought while I was traveling around Asia last year. I started off in the Philippines where it was nice and hot and ended up in Taiwan where it was already cold. Surprisingly, it has now been my winter cardigan that I wear every time I go to the mountains.

F21 Leggings (S): Reviewed here!

BR Factory Scarf: There’s something so pretty about the colors of this scarf. Usually I don’t like pastel-colored scarfs because they get dirtier easier, but I couldn’t resist this one. It’s nice to  have something nice and cheery during those dark dismal winter days.

UGG Simmens Boots (Sz 6.5): So, the thing that I love most about these UGG Simmens is the style. They look like moto boots but are 100 times more comfortable. The inside is lined with the usual comfy wool lining and the straps are adjustable as well. This model actually comes in half sizes so I decided to get these in the 6.5 size. They always tell you to size down when ordering UGGs (like for the Classics), but I assumed they weren’t going to stretch out so I went with my usual size. After wearing them for a couple of weeks now, I think a 6 would have been better. Again, nothing that thick socks can’t fix.


Winter Pastels Ugg Simmens Boots 4

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