Green Anorak and UGG Classics // Park City, Utah

green winter anorak ugg boots

Halogen Anorak (PXS) or Here • F21 Turtleneck (XS) Similar HereF21 Leggings (S) • UGG Classic Tall Boots (Chestnut Sz 6)

I absolutely love winter time. Maybe it’s because I’ve lived in Southern California most of my life so I don’t get to experience the snow like most people. I’m sure lots of people think this is a blessing (and believe me, I’m not complaining) but it’s nice to play in the snow once in awhile. Luckily, I’m in love with snowboarding so I try to make it up to the mountain a couple times during the winter. The first stop this season was Park City, Utah.

We came to Park City in January last year and the snow was absolutely amazing. Unfortunately, this time Park City was dry as a bone. Most of the lifts were closed and most of the snow was man-made. On top of that, the airlines somehow messed up and our luggage never made it with us. So we were pretty much stuck without our snowboarding equipment and clothes for the first day. On the bright side, we got a chance to play in the snow for a bit and I got to try my new anorak. Ano… what? That’s right… anorak!

Let it be known that I didn’t even know what an anorak was until I bought this. I’ve been wanting a classic green parka for a very long time. When I first saw this version on Nordstrom’s website, I thought the style and color were perfect except that it was an “anorak” and not a parka. There started my long research. I researched all over the internet and it seems the only real differences are that parkas are longer in length, less fitted, and may be stuffed with some sort of down or synthetic fiber. Either way, both pretty much do the same job of keeping you warm.


Halogen Anorak (PXS): I actually ordered the Petite XS and Regular XS to see which one would fit better. I ordered both sizes because I was afraid the sleeves were going to be too short on the petite (like most petite clothing for me). In the end, the petite won hands down. The sleeves were just right and so was the length of the jacket. There are also drawstrings on the inside of the jacket which makes the jacket more form fitting.

UGG Classic Tall Boots (Chestnut Sz 6): We don’t have enough time to discuss my first pair of “UGGs”, but I will tell you that you shouldn’t buy them from those brick-and-mortar stores in Australia that advertise 30% off. It’s a scam! Anyways, I finally got my first real pair this past December! To be honest, I never wanted UGGs until I tried them on and I fell in love with how warm and soft they were. The Classics only come in whole sizes and they recommend you size a whole size down. For me, I usually wear a 6.5 and decided to just go for the 6. I would be wearing them with thick socks anyways so I didn’t think the 5 would work for me. So far, the 6 has been great!


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