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Extreme Circle Hem Sweater - Petite

Express Sweater (PXS) • Old Merona Over-the-Knee Boots (Sz 6.5) Similar HereF21 Leggings (Sz S) • Old ASOS Petite Coat Similar HereNYX Lip Pencil

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had an amazing night and didn’t get into too much trouble. I just landed back in LA today and it was surprisingly cold outside so hopefully this means that I can break out all the cute sweaters I’ve bought. My favorite one that I’ve gotten this season is probably this beautiful multicolored sweater from Express.

Outfit Details

Express Sweater (PXS): It comes in regular & petite sizes and is long enough in the back to wear with leggings. The knit is black with little flecks of color which makes it really modern and fun. When I originally ordered the sweater, it had an option for PXXS and PXS. Seeing that I like my sweaters a little on the looser side, I decided to go with the PXS. I also read somewhere that the sleeves were a little bit too tight on the PXXS. After wearing this a couple of times, I think the PXXS would have been better especially around the body. I usually wear a camisole underneath so I don’t think it would have been too bad around the arms.

Old Merona OTK Boots (Sz. 6.5): I got these cute over-the-knee boots last year from Target and I’ve actually gotten a lot of use out of them. I was trying to find a more affordable alternative to the Stuart Weitzman Highland boots (now being replaced by the Hiline boots) that I can wear out dancing without worrying about damaging the shoe. The 6.5 is a little on the bigger side, but I thought it was fine since I’m going to be wearing these with thicker socks. Also, I should note that these boots are definitely on the slouchier side and sometimes falls around the knees.

F21 Leggings (Sz S): Reviewed and also seen here.

ASOS Petite Coat (Sz 2): ASOS comes out with really great coats every year. They also have petite options which makes it one of the first brands I check every winter. It actually never gets cold enough in LA to wear thick coats, but I always seem to end up somewhere where I definitely need one. This time it was New York City. The funnel collar is my favorite part about this coat. The length is also just right, but the thing that I’m not fond of is the length of the sleeves. It’s actually too short for me and cold air always seems to slip in between my gloves and coat.

NYX Lip Pencil: I have never really been a big fan of lipsticks since it gets all over the place for me. So I decided to try using lip pencils as an alternative and it has been my favorite beauty trick ever since. I probably have over ten lip pencils just from NYX alone. I like that it’s affordable so you can play around with all the different colors. The color Bloom is currently my favorite pink.

Thank you so much for reading!

Express Extreme Circle Hem Sweater - Petite

Express Extreme Circle Hem Sweater Petite

Express Extreme Circle Hem Sweater Petite

ASOS Petite Wrap Coat

Express Extreme Circle Hem Sweater Petite

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